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[Terms of Service]

Mon Dec 7, 2015, 2:55 PM


LAST UPDATED: 23rd June 2015
I will always notify my watchers of any updates I make.
If you see any inconsistencies in my Terms of Service or have any concerns, please send me a note.
27th June 2016: New rule added to 'Purchasing and Reselling'.
23rd June 2016: New information added to 'Purchasing and Reselling' (see bold.)
29th December 2015: New section added to 'Rules and Personal Designs' called 'My Page Graphics'.
25th December 2015: New section added to 'Adoptables and Species' called 'If you can't bond with your design'.



Please do not sell, claim, repost, copy, trace, edit, replicate or use my art in any other way without permission.
Breaching any of these requests will land you on my blacklist and you will no longer be able to purchase anything from me.
If you see anyone breaching these requests I would be greatful if you informed me. I will not offer rewards for doing so however, as this could lead to people lying for free rewards. Thank you for understanding.


The Custom Box Background is free to use. It was a royalty free image that had permissions to be modified.
 You can find the files for my Custom Box Background here:
The Tumblr and Toyhouse icons were edited from these original icons - Thus they are also Free to Use: Resources : Social Network Buttons
HOWEVER, the Navigation Buttons on my page are NOT FREE TO USE. Not even Pay to use. I created them myself by hand and you are not allowed to use them under any circumstances. Thank you.


None of my works are open for public use unless otherwise is explicitly stated in the description or title.
My personal designs and designs that do not belong to you (fully or partially) must not be used by you for personal purpose (For Example: Face claims, Kin, Roleplaying, etc) and I will not ever give you permission to do so even if you do ask first.


Below is a list of more rules that will, if breached, land you a place on my blacklist and forbid you from ever purchasing one of my designs or commissions ever again. These rules are covered in more detail throughout the rest of my Terms of Service.
1) Filing a chargeback.
2) Scamming others.
3) Failing to pay me for commissions or designs.
4) Co-owning designs created by me.
5) Selling, claiming, reposting (etc) my art without permission.



I do not allow co-owning of my designs, species or otherwise, whatsoever.
By purchasing an adoptable and/or species design from me you are agreeing to partial rights to a specific character design. I maintain rights to the intellectual property of the character however I guarantee that I will never reupload, reuse or resell the design. You may not sell or claim the character as your own design and you may not trace their image I created. You may repost the work to websites such as Toyhouse or Charahub as long as I am credited.


You may make edits to the character as long as they largely resemble their original appearance. If you would like to make edits to a design that I created please send me a note with written and visual examples of the changes you would like to make and I will determine whether they are acceptable. Please do not get upset if I turn down your design, you may redesign them as many times as you like as long as I am always notified. You may also make small edits to the art I had made for the design in question such as drawing on a hairstyle or drawing on clothing. Please notify me for these types of edits for approval too!
Edits regarding name, sexual identity/orientation, story, etc are free to do with as you like with no need to seek approval of me. However I will ask that if you are creating a story for a character of my species that you respect the lore (For Example: Don't put a nature/natural based species in a hyper futuristic story setting.)All of the previous also applies to MYOs. (Characters of my species you have made yourself with my consent or after having purchased the rights to doing so.) You are also allowed to have someone else design your MYO for it.


In some cases, no matter what edits you make to your species design, sometimes you'll fall out of love with a species but still love the character's coat pattern/design/outfit etc. I can really relate to these situations and I have decided to add a new exception to my designs - species in particular. If you find yourself completely and utterly unable to bond with your design, I grant you permission to change your design into another species, be it mine, your own, someone elses or just no species in particular. To do so you must gain permission from me and whoever may own the species that you're changing it into - of course you wont need permission if you're changing them into, say, a human or your own species. The one condition is that you keep the design visually similar. You may also trade/resell them but please follow the rules in the "Purchasing and Re-selling" section.


Only commissioners may use their commissioned pieces as their icons, page decorations, etc on any platform (Such as Toyhouse, Furaffinity, Tumblr, etc) as long as I am credited and/or linked back to. Commissioners can not sell, claim, repost or trace the pieces made for them. However I will allow edits (Such as making something greyscale to suit your page or adding your own watermark in places like Toyhouse or your (for extra security) but I will stress that you must not claim the art as your own after putting your watermark on it. Doing so will, as stated at the top of this journal, land you on my blacklist.

Purchasing and Re-Selling


DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SEND ME LESS THAN THE REQUESTED AMOUNT OF MONEY. I will no longer be tolerating people sending me pennies less than what I request (excluding paypal fees.) It may not seem like much but the money adds up over time. If you do this from now on I will refund the payment and ignore your request.
All payments should be made in USD ($) or DeviantART Points via a commission widget I will create especially for you. I do not accept mixtures of USD ($) and DeviantART Points for payment sums below 50USD ($). Be sure to check for any exceptions to this rule in individual sales as I may request strictly no USD ($) or DeviantART Points.
Payments below 50USD ($) must be fully recieved within 24 Hours (1 Day). Payments above 50USD ($) must be fully recieved within 72 Hours (3 Days). At the date of me writing these Terms of Service, I do not accept payment plans.
Referenced for the character(s) I am commissioned to draw must be provided to me within 72 Hours (3 Days).


If you purchase a design from me and want to back out I will give you a refund and revoke your rights to that design - it will then be put back on sale, auction, etc.
In the case of commissioned works, I will accept refunds as long as the commissioned piece is not 100% completed. In the case that I have not started on the piece, you will recieve 100% of your money back.
Below is a list of the varying percentages of money you will be refunded during different stages of the commission.
Not Started: 100%
Sketched: 75%
Lined: 50%
Flat Coloured: 25%
Completed: 0%


If you are gifting, trading or reselling an original design of mine, you must contact me first for permission. I will need to approve and be given details of any new owners for my own personal records.
While I allow others to design your MYO, regardless of whether it costed money or not, or the design having extra art, you are not allowed to charge more for the design than you originally got it for. In the case that you got them by free means you are only allowed to trade them or give them away, you may not request money or points. You are not allowed to resell or trade anything in exchange for having someone buy you something with more value than the design. You are not allowed to increase the value of the design with extra art or any additional costs as previously stated.
Please link that person back here so they can follow up on the rules and guidelines.
In future I may create a 'Trading and Reselling Center' for my designs. As stated at the beginning of these Terms of Service, I will notify my watchers of any changes so be sure to be watching me. For the time being, for traders and sellers saftey, you can see my blacklist at the following link: Blacklist
Please do not, under any circumstances, flame, harrass or mock the people on this list. Doing so will land you on the list as well.

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